Day Program

The day program will run on select Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays during the months January-February. The program will run from noon-6pm on Thursdays, and 8am-6pm on Saturdays/Sundays. Our participants will be able to sign up for 2 hour intervals.

Scotty the DiverPlus Scotty the Diver!

On 8 of the 24 eligible day program days, we will have a gentleman by the name of Rod Nefzger (goes by Scotty) in attendance to do some scuba diving underneath the ice surface. Scotty will bring thrills to our participants by showing up on underwater cameras, and being able to point the cameras at different fish.


Overnight Program

Twin PinesThe overnight program on Red Lake will consist of 3 day/ 2 night trips on the weekends of January and February. Our guys will meet the participants near Red Lake on Friday morning to guide them out to their ice houses. Our participants will stay until the following Sunday morning. For those who need transportation, we will have a bus that leaves the cities around 5/6am on Friday morning, and returns on Sunday afternoon.

The overnight program on Lake Mille Lacs will be run through Twin Pines Resort. Twin pines Resort is located in Garrison, MN and is owned by Bill and Linda Eno. This customer friendly resort has been around since 1940, and they own many different ice houses that can fit groups of various sizes. Some of the houses even sleep groups of up to 14 people.