Welcome to Dive Guys Big Fish and Fry!

Dive Guys Big Fish and Fry is a complimentary ice fishing program that caters towards children, veterans, and families of all kinds.

Ice Fishing is a longstanding tradition amongst Minnesotans, and our program ensures that this tradition can be enjoyed by folks who might not otherwise get the chance.

Our Mission

Our mission is twofold. We promote the sport of ice fishing to Minnesota youth who may not be aware or able to afford partaking in the activity. It is our goal to leave a lasting impression and inspire children to remain involved in the sport as they grow older. Secondly, we hope to convey a message of gratitude to the veterans who have given so much of their own freedom in order to preserve ours.

Ice Fishing CrewLeft Photo: Vietnam Veteran Tim Walsh with a nice Red Lake walleye

Our Program

DGBFF hosts a Day Program that travels across the state if MN, as well as Overnight Programs on Lake Mille Lacs.

This program was built for anyone who meets our designated criteria. So sign yourself or someone else up today and join the fishing frenzy!

Our program is funded completely through outside fundraising. Thank you for making a difference.

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